How Condensation Can Harm Your Roof

What are the Causes of Condensation?

Condensation occurs when water vapor meets a cold surface.  This causes it to condense and form dampness or water droplets.  Indoor condensation is caused by higher indoor humidity levels.  You see this on the windows in your bathroom after you take a hot shower.  Warm air holds more water than cold air.  So, the excess water takes on the form of condensation.  Regular household activities like bathing, doing laundry (especially if the dryer isn’t vented properly), cooking and even over watered house plants can add to higher humidity levels in your home.

Why Condensation Occurs in Your Homes Attic?

Because your home is heated, and your attic is not, the warm air inside your home will rise and find its way to your attic.  When this happens, moisture will begin to form in your attic.  Your attic is mostly made of wood and wood is an excellent material for absorbing water.  This can lead to the wood rotting or the formation of molds which can lead to health issues and musty smells.  In attics where insulation is blown and not rolled this can lead to a weakened roof structure and could end up in an untimely roof replacement.  While you could place a dehumidifier in your attic this isn’t a practical solution as it would need to be emptied often.

The Best Ways to Control Condensation in Your Attic

There are any number of proven solutions to attic moisture and condensation.  Here is a list of possible solutions:

  • Install Vapor Barriers – While you could just install more insulation in your attic to keep it warmer, the most effective method is a vapor barrier. This is the best solution as it prevents water vapor from passing through to your roof as it rises from your heated home.
  • The Use of Ridge Vents – A ridge vent is a small vent installed along the ridge of your roof at its peak. Warm, moist air wants to rise, and it will naturally find it’s way to the peak of your roof where the ridge vents will allow fresh, cooler air to mix with the warmer, moist air and it will dissipate.
  • Exhaust Fans – If your roof hasn’t got exhaust fans, you may want to consider installing some. This won’t break the bank and is an effective, affordable way to vent warmer, moist air out of your attic.  There are even solar powered exhaust vents, perfect for Florida so you won’t see an increase in electricity usage.
  • Seal Cracks and Joints – Vents, Fans, Solar Tubes, and Skylights are all susceptible to cracks or leaks. Insuring that these are properly sealed will keep warmer air from finding a pathway to your attic.  Insulating your duct work will also prevent condensation from forming in the duct work where it can find its way back in to your home

Brian Sikes Roofing, a third-generation roofer serving Seminole, Orange and Volusia counties, urges homeowners of the importance of properly maintaining their home’s roof, prolonging its life, and preserving your valuable investment.  When the time does come to replace your home’s roof, or you need roof repair, Brian Sikes Roofing will be there to assist you in determining the best roof solution for your home and budget.