How to Best Prepare for Hurricane Season

While we can’t anticipate damage that your home’s roof might sustain during a hurricane, there are some things that you can do to give your home’s roof the best chance of survival.

  • Understand that your roof is your main line of defense against a hurricane. While windows or doors may be compromised, if your roof fails catastrophic damage can occur. For older homes, this risk is far greater as they may have been constructed with lesser building restrictions.
  • One thing you can do, especially for an older home, is to add more roof tie downs. This won’t break the bank and an experienced roof inspector or roofer can look at your home’s roof and let you know if this is an option.
  • Any easy fix is to make sure that the trees that are nearest to your home are trimmed back. In the high winds associated with a hurricane, tree limbs can do extensive damage to your shingles as they sweep across the roof. Avoiding this through proper trimming will save your shingles and prevent unwanted water intrusion.
  • Always keep you gutters and drainage pipes clean. This will allow for water to leave your roof without causing damage. You may also want to consider installing gutter guards to assist in keeping your gutters uncluttered and clean.
  • Our yards become cluttered with furniture, grills, and other household items. Make sure these are removed and stored away before a hurricane, so they don’t become airborne and damage your home or roof.
  • Lastly, understand your home insurance policy. Make sure you are properly covered for hurricane damage. It’s also important to understand your flood insurance protection.

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