5 Things to Consider When Adding a Skylight

by Brian Sikes Roofing | September 1, 2021 | roof maintenance

Skylights are a wonderful addition to any home.  They allow for ambient light to enter a room making it a much warmer environment.  Below are some things you should be aware of as well as tips to ensure your skylight addition provides you with the best possible experience.

  • Be sure to eliminate heat gain – While you want a skylight to add ambiance and light to your home, the last thing you want to do is make your home hotter. This is especially true in our Florida climate where temperatures can remain high throughout the year.  Ask about skylights constructed of double-insulated glass that is tempered with low-E coatings.  If you’re installing a skylight on the west or south side of your home, you should consider bronze-tinted skylights to reduce heat.  A final tip to eliminate heat gain is to install the skylight at a lower slope of your roof.  It’s recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy to install skylights 5 to 15 degrees lower than your homes latitude.
  • Control the Light Entering your Home – There are different styles of skylights. Some have straight sides and light will enter your home in a very focused straight line.  Other styles of skylights have flared sides which will cause light to spread out throughout the room.
  • Add to the Illusion of Space – If you have a small room in your home that feels cramped or small, installing a skylight is a great way to make the room feel larger. The skylight will allow light to reach all corners of the room creating the illusion of a greater space.
  • Avoid Skylight Glare– We’ve already addressed how to eliminate heat gain. You’ll also want to avoid sun glare.  Sun glare can make a room hot, and the glare can also cause your furniture’s fabric to fade.  Sun glare can be easily countered by adding a shade or light filter to the skylight.
  • Explore the Advantages of Vented Skylights– Vented skylights allow light into a room, but when vented they can also allow heat to escape. Various vented skylight models even offer motorized windows to eliminate opening by hand.

Brian Sikes Roofing, a third-generation roofer serving Seminole, Orange and Volusia counties, urges homeowners of the importance of properly maintaining their home’s roof, prolonging its life, and preserving your valuable investment.  When you are considering installing skylights, Brian Sikes Roofing will be there to assist you in determining the best roof solution for your home and budget.